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Track, road, cyclocross, and randonneuse bicycles constructed to order are Rebolledo Cycles' specialty. Only the best steel tubing, fittings, and lugs are used. Our conception of the bicycle combines cutting-edge parts and supplies with age-old workmanship and design.

Our objective is to design a bicycle that meets each client's unique requirements and delivers above-average performance.


South American nation of Colombia is where Mauricio Rebolledo's family comes from, however he was born in California. In the Cauca River Valley of Colombia, in their separate hometowns of Cali and Palmira, his parents would arrange for him and his brother to stay with their grandparents. The paternal grandparents of Mauricio are situated across from a bus stop in the center of Palmira. His grandma saw that many individuals often rode their bicycles to the bus stop before boarding it to travel into the larger metropolis of Cali. She made the decision to launch a bicycle parking building. Later, the garage was converted into a service center where your bike could be repaired while you were at work. The bike shop became a playground for Mauricio and his brother.



When you purchase a frameset, you receive a frame and fork as well as any braze-on additions that is agreed upon. For an extra fee, Joe Bell Bicycle Refinishing's offers their painting services. Please be aware that none of the frames feature carbon fiber chain stays or seat stays.


The painter, Rick Stefani, will also give it a two-color finish similar to others you see throughout the website. Some exclusions that increase the cost of painting include masking polished stainless lug work, painting lugs a different color from the main tubes, and pin striping.


Only steel frames are eligible for frame repair services. Before bringing your frame in for repair, kindly take all of the parts out. After repairs are finished, framesets can optionally be repainted. As choices for completing frame repairs, a powder coating and wet painting are provided.


Speak to the owner about your ideas whether that conversation is in person, over the phone, or via email. After the initial discussion, an estimate of the entire cost of the frameset is given. Then, you provide a nonrefundable 50% deposit on the frameset, and your name is added to the build schedule. There is about a nine-month wait. Before the creation of the frame and fork, the components kit has to be ordered if making a full bicycle for you. Prior to placing an order for your components, a payment for the parts kits must be received.

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